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Agriculture is adopting 4th Generation wireless technologies to obtain Agricultural weather, markets, news, references, wizards, calculators, messaging and other information resources delivered to owners of 3G of 4G smart phones and other mobile devices in rural areas. 

People in production Agriculture and people providing Agribusiness products and services typically utilize their smart phone for Internet access during much of the day due to the mobile nature of their work activities.

In 2005, deployment of 3G wireless technology enabled smart phones to access the Internet for the first time.  Over the past five years, the Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Apple iPad, and Motorola Droid have become commonplace among farmers and agribusiness people. 

In 2010, deployment of 4G wireless technology increased bandwidth and data delivery ten times the speed of a 3G network, enabling access to large technical documents and full streaming of instructional videos for disease diagnosis, insect indentification, seed selection, fertilizer rates, herbicide timing and other agronomy decisions, often from the production field.


The 3G and 4G smart phones utilize GPS technology to be location aware for site-specific weather forecasts, as well as, regional directions for use of pest control products. 

Since smart phones have small viewing screens, websites serving this audience display information that is data-intensive and avoid distracting animations, "focusing on the facts" and "avoiding the fluff."

Additionally, website navigation and selection is menu-driven reducing the need of a keyboard and typing.

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